Trusted practical support

when you most need it


Providing a professional support service for deceased estates, transition to aged care, decluttering for safe living and private case management.


Adelaide Estate Matters offers an honest and professional approach, totally accountable to all of our valued clients. 

Trusted practical support when you most need

Senior Relocation

Experts in relocating seniors, Adelaide Estate Matters will be there for you, before, during and after your move - making sure your move is that little bit easier.




The Adelaide Estate Matters team will work closely with clients to respectfully and sensitively declutter the home to ensure a safe living environment.

Deceased Estate

We understand that losing a loved one or making the move into aged care living is an emotional time. If you feel you would like some support with a deceased estate or property clearance, a helping hand is not far away.

Free Assessment

A home holds lasting memories and is full of treasured possessions. Moving into a smaller home, retirement village or assisted living is something many of us have to do at some stage and Adelaide Estate Matters is here to help you.