Deceased Estate

Our service is perfect for executors who are unable to do the physical clearance and cleaning of a deceased estate. We do not make decisions on behalf of the executor or Enduring Power of Attorney.  However, we do work very closely with the appropriate stakeholders throughout the clearance period.


Here's how we help:


  • Obtain a descriptive work brief from our client

  • Pack goods for deliver to nominated individuals

  • Organise auction house collection of items to be sold

  • Arrange for auction items proceeds to be disbursed where directed

  • Provide secure destruction of unwanted paperwork and documents

  • Collate items being donated to charity and organise this collection

  • Organise for all rubbish to be removed from the property

  • Attend to a post-clearance clean, preparing the property for sale or rental

  • All estate cleaning from general and pre-sale to industrial and pathological

  • Attend to garden maintenance


Honesty and integrity


Underpinned by our honest and transparent approach are clear and rigorous processes and systems, ensuring we are fully accountable to all our valued clients.


Our clients


We work closely with a range of clients including:


  • Elderly people who are too frail to do the physical work of preparing a property for sale

  • Family members whose commitments leave them little time to assist with such work

  • Friends or family who live long distances from the deceased estate

  • Solicitors who have been nominated as executors of deceased estates

  • Those holding an Enduring Power of Attorney for frail or aged family members who need their property prepared for sale

  • Public Trustee or other executors of estates