Solicitors & Executors

Adelaide Estate Matters works closely with individuals as well those nominated as the Executors of the estate including Solicitors, Administrators & Trustees and those holding an Enduring Power of Attorney.

The role of an Executor can be overwhelming, costly and time-consuming. Of course, we offer our free, no obligation assessment so simply call or email to arrange an appointment.


Our staff pay particular attention searching for both aged and current wills. Adelaide Estate Matters will also identify paperwork required to determine the assets of the deceased including:


  • insurance policies

  • bank accounts

  • superannuation funds

  • share holdings

  • creditors

  • physical assets

  • vehicles

  • Certificates of Title

  • Identification papers including Medicare, Drivers Licence & Passports


We also often uncover unexpected items of value in the home. We’ve seen many hiding spots!


Memorabilia- Families and Executors don't need to worry, we always put aside personal belongings, photos, trophies & small valuables for any family or beneficiaries. Sometimes family miss items in their search but our experienced staff often find more.


Removal & Redistributing Belongings – once the decision is made regarding which furniture pieces and belongings will go to the new home, there will be many that will need to be redistributed.  You may decide to give to family and friends, sell at auction, donate to charity or place into storage. From our years of industry experience, we can identify which items are likely to sell at auction and coordinate removals to the most relevant auction house for you.  For items destined for donation, you can choose the charity or leave it up to us. We like to offer old linen & blankets to AWL & RSPCA.

Our services also include the secure disposal of personal documents and coordination of the remaining contents to go to waste.


Loan or Rental Items – there may be Foxtel units or loan items for mobility located in the home that we can return for you.


Other Practical Services – rubbish removal of all sizes, cleaning from general to pathological, gardening, storage, repairs and recommending the most appropriate real estate agents to sell or rent the home.


In summary, we do whatever it takes to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome